100% indigenous, modern, safe and powerful.

Made for Indian conditions and commuters, incorporating the
best-in-class benchmarks in the world.
Top Speed

Fast charge
1 hr
Max torque



  • CBS (Combined Braking System) with both Front & Rear Disc for enhanced safety.
  • Tubeless Tyres designed in 3 parts for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • High Acceleration & Torque Max torque 90Nm (@100 rpm).
  • Water & Dust Protection Protected with IP65. EBS is protected up to 230mm of water.
  • Front & Rear Weight Ratio Designed for enhanced riding experience.
  • Suspension Front Telescopic / Rear Dual Hydraulic Suspension.
  • Frame Fully robotic welding process with automatic cathodic electrophoresis painting.

POWERFUL Performance

  • Power Train DC Motor developed by Bosch.
  • Regenerative Braking System(KERS) Every time you brake, braking energy is fed back to the battery. Reduces braking distances by up to 60% Recycles 6% of the battery capacity.
  • Space for 2 helmets
  • All LED Lights & Projector Head Lamp State-of-the-art light technology used for the first time in a scooter.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Seamless interaction between your phone and your 2-wheeler
  • Reverse, Cruise & Drag ModeSwitch on these smart modes to ride or move the scooter with ease


Isn't that amazing?
Enjoy the ride without worrying about the battery. Any time, you have an issue with the battery, it gets replaced free of cost*

Lithium ion cells, 160 Km with dual battery

Fast charge upto 70% in 1 hour

Chargeable with a normal 5 Amp socket

Lightweight, Removable, Portable

Unfazed by adverse temperatures

Smart-looking, Cloud-Connected Battery

AI. More than you imagine

Say hello to Contact Learning:

  • Auto learns and helps the user minimise breakdowns.
  • Service standards (says, after 1000 km) will no longer exist.
  • Service based on riding behaviour.
  • Cloud-based data analytics.
  • Spare parts will be ordered automatically even before the failure happens.
  • Intelligent Collision Detection and Alert.

There's alot more

Automatic Geo Fencing

Notifies the owner if the scooter deviates from routine travel routes.

Change in Driving Pattern

Algorithms detect unusual change in driving patterns and warn user about it.

Daily Alerts

About road conditions, air quality, traffic etc. on your routes.

Daily Battery Use Analysis

Alerts on charging regimen appropriate for every user.

Vehicle Remote Diagnosis

Allows the system to accurately predict servicing needs.

Fleet Management

System will analyse fleet movements and help to remove inefficiencies in the system.


Ahead of time


Max Power: 2100 Watt Peak
Speed: 60 km/h
Range: 160 km with dual battery
Ground Clearance: 155 mm
Brake System: Front & Rear Disc
Dimensions: 1150 X 1800 X 780 mm
Loading Capacity: 150 Kg (2 Adults)
Tyre: Front 90/90-12 Tubeless/Rear 120/70-12 Tubeless
Front Wheel: Alloy
Speedometer: Digital
Battery: Li-ion
Controller: FOC
Charging Time: Full charge in 4-5 hrs / Fast charge up tp 70% in 1 hr
Smart App: Mobile App & Artificial Intelligence
Suspension: Telescopic
Anti-theft: GPS & GPRS
Lights: All LED Lights & Projector Head Lamp
Storage Capacity: 25 Litres
Colors: Rogue Matt Blue, Couture Brown, Fury Red, Raisin Black, Moonlight Silver, White Dove
Mobile Charging Port: Yes

All the logic. all the magic

Own no worries. No Service payment. Buy parts via the app. Standard parts are available over the counter. Special components will be available at Experience Centres.