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Ahead of time

The world is waking up to a new reality. After more than a century of commuting in one particular way, we are now at the cusp of a potent alternative. Electric Mobility is an idea whose time has come. The world is engaged with it and enthralled by it. From engineers to entrepreneurs, everyone is excitedly exploring the vast possibilities in every aspect of this new wave - design, materials, battery, performance, artificial intelligence etc.

As is the rule, some people wake up to an idea sooner than the rest. Long before Electric Mobility caught the fancy of the world, we have been wide-awake, spending sleepless nights on it. Clearly, our motivation is to be always ahead of time. And our pursuit is to make the world experience it.

These are big words for a company that's yet small. But the world has proven time and again it's not size alone that matters. Those who seize an idea ahead of others will rapidly resize themselves and the rest.

Company - People

Our Team Members who have contributed immensely

Parveen Kharb

Parveen Kharb

CEO & Co-Founder

In our belief, the race among companies in Electir Mobility will be won by the one whose battery technology is way ahead of time


Vijay Chandrawat

COO & Co-Founder

Till now, we were conditioned to take care of the vehicle. Now, the vehicle will take care of itself and us. This is the might and magic of AI.

Farhaan Shabbir

Farhaan Shabbir


Buying anything is a delight. Maintaining it is a task. This is old world. Welcome to the future where you only live with delight.

Atul Bansal

Atul Bansal

Head-Disruptive Innovation Cell for advanced mobility

Creating what customer wants is obvious. Delivering the product to fulfill there unsaid need/wants is disruptive innovation & our job