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We are generation next mobility company with sole aim of developing advanced connected electric vehicles. We aim to change the urban commutation landscape by providing powerful smart vehicles to generation next.

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Company - Intro

"PASSIONATE STARTUP" will sum up a dedicated bunch of engineers, round the clock development and a deep desire to prove ourselves in this technology intensive electric mobility field. To make electric vehicles fast, powerful and affordable is our ultimate goal and small tribute to the Country.

Company - People

  • Parveen

  • Vijay

  • Farhaan

  • Atul
    R&D Head

Company - Careers

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Elegance and simplicity are elements which our designers have achieved while ensuring maximum performance. Performance and safety have been ensured to give you a thrilling drive.

LED       Disk Brake       Digital Cluster

Design - LED

Projector LED Lamps gives unmatched brightness and performance. LED lamps have been designed to last 100 times more than traditional lights.

Design - Disk Brake

DISK BRAKES - User safety has been ensured by our performance twin disk brake assembly. Disk brakes have been integrated with electronic braking system to ensure a smooth and quick halt.

Design - Digital Cluster

DIGITAL SPEEDO - Style has been fused with electronics to make smart digital speedometer. Google maps, Social media notifications and smart alerts have all been integrated for you.



System has been dotted with state of art sensors and smart features. Real time connectivity to cloud ensures that we can keep an eye on systems performance. Integrated app provides a glimpse into system even when you are thousand of miles away.


Intelligence - AI

System has taken full advantage of various sensors and real time connectivity which have been integrated with your scooter. Servers analyse data through complex data analytic algorithms and suggest any upcoming service requirement.

Intelligence - APP

SMART APP - Our user centric mobile application provides you one touch solution to control every aspect of vehicle. You can track your vehicle remotely and analyse your driving pattern. Vehicle health is now Omnipresent to user.

Intelligence - GEOFENCING

GeoFencing - What more, you can now define your own territory. Vehicle will automatically alert you once its outside your defined geographical boundaries.



We think of us a research lab in field of mobility with an aim to constantly infuse technology in automobiles. We work on latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Lithium Ion Storage, Internet of Things and advanced Electric Powertrains to provide best machines till date.

Battery       Powertrain       EBS

Technology - Battery

We have developed perfect battery solution for meeting competetive demand of range and performance in Indian climate. Advanced Lithium ion pack manages heat efficiently through our patent applied technology to promise performance with safety and long life.

Technology - Powertrain

FOC - BLDC motor packs an unbelievable power to provide best in category Torque. FOC controller is the brain of motor and unleashes on demand power based upon unique algorithm. Now flyovers are a breeze with new technology.

Technology - EBS

Electronic Braking - Intelligent Electronic braking system (EBS) not only ensures better braking but also generates power to charge battery each time you brake. Its best solution for city drive.


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